The Bar

The Bar

The place to be, particularly at the afterwork hour, the Bar is a concentrate of energy and exchanges.

A preferred place

for a glass, for lunching or dining simply, quietly, taking your time, savouring what's on offer, or rather in a rush, in a hurry.

At the counter, or at one of the little bistro tables, our catering service is there for you from 11 in the morning until 11pm serving salads, burgers and soups of the day.

It's all about adapting to the very different rhythms of our cosmopolitan clientele. The punctuality of the neighbouring banks, lively after-work gatherings, being discovered by the passing traveller, a bite for just the two of you… we try to adapt to everyone's taste.

So that local meets global at our place for once !

We crafted a subtle selection of our wines to drink at the bar.