Starters (all day)

Chicken Ceasar salad
CHF 19.00
Chicken pâté with duck foie gras and morel mushrooms
CHF 19.00
Classic New York shrimp cocktail
CHF 16.00
Cod fish croquettes, spicy home-made ketchup (8 pieces)
CHF 15.00
Duck liver pâté with Porto wine
CHF 12.00
Duck rillettes with Cognac, toasted bread
CHF 16.00
Poppy seed bagel with smoked salmon
CHF 16.00
Roasted rainbow beet salad with ginger
CHF 10.00
Sweet & sour chicken sticks with sesame seeds
CHF 15.00

Starters (11:30 am - 3pm and 7 pm - 10:30 pm)

Iceberg lettuce, candied walnuts and dried aged bacon from Valais
CHF 18.00
Lobster salad, sucrine lettuce, mango and pomegranate
CHF 38.00
Sea Bass ceviche with yuzu juice and passion fruit
CHF 24.00
Steamed artichoke, gribiche vinaigrette
CHF 16.00
Tomato salad with burrata, balsamic pearls
CHF 20.00
Whisky lobster bisque, whipped cream
CHF 15.00

Main courses (all day)

Cheese burger with bacon, "Denise’s" sauce, French fries
CHF 19.00


Cheese burger with bacon, "Denise’s" sauce, French fries
CHF 26.00


Hand-minced beef tartare, French fries
CHF 28.00

160 Gr.

Main Courses (11:30 am - 3pm and 7 pm - 10:30 pm)

Farm Pork
CHF 35.00

Five-spice braised « petit salé »

Glazed pork ribs with BBQ Sauce
CHF 25.00
Grilled chicken breast from the Landes region, “Tio Pepe” sauce and mushrooms
CHF 28.00
Grilled Maine lobster with coral butter, “American” sauce
CHF 60.00


Grilled sea bream served with virgin tomatoes
CHF 26.00

pineapple, piquillos peppers and coriander

Irish Angus Beef
CHF 49.00

Rib eye - 250Gr.

Irish beef
CHF 42.00

Tenderloin 180 gr

Maine lobster with coral butter, “American” sauce
CHF 34.00


Octopus “à la plancha” with “chimichurri” and red pepper sauce
CHF 36.00
Swiss Beef
CHF 38.00

Braised beef chuck like a “pot-au-feu”

Swiss Beef from the Alps (Molard aged 5 weeks on the bone)
CHF 17.00

Bone marrow

Swiss Beef from the Alps (Molard aged 5 weeks on the bone)
CHF 79.00

Tenderloin on the bone - 300Gr.

Swiss Veal
CHF 46.00

Veal chop "au gratin" with bone marrow butter - 280 Gr.

USA Natural Beef (Angus)
CHF 68.00

New-York Strip - 400Gr.

“Teriyaki” glazed roasted black cod
CHF 30.00

Sides (all the day)

French fries
CHF 4.00

Sauces & Sides (11:30am - 3pm and 7pm - 10:30pm)

Baked potato with sour cream
CHF 5.00
Basmati rice
CHF 4.00
BBQ from Löbels NYC
Classic Bearnaise
Green pepper
Herb butter sauce
Red wine sauce
Roasted carrot with ginger
CHF 5.00
Sautéed green beans with shallots
CHF 6.00
Stir-fried white button mushrooms, onions and lardoons
CHF 6.00
Sweet potato purée with cinnamon and maple syrup
CHF 6.00
« Café de Paris »

Desserts (all the day)

Caramel and Raspberry « Geneva-New York »
CHF 13.00
Chocolate molten cake, vanilla cream
CHF 13.00
Chocolate mousse, crème fraîche
CHF 11.00
Lemon and yuzu tartlet with verbena meringue and raspberry coulis
CHF 13.00
New York cheesecake with raspberry
CHF 12.00
Strawberry and pistachio tartlet
CHF 13.00