Cajun spices roasted chicken rillettes and pickles, toasted bread
CHF 16.00
Chicken Caesar salad
CHF 19.00
Classic New York shrimp cocktail
CHF 16.00
Poultry liver pâté with green pepper, toasted bread
CHF 16.00
Roasted poultry meat pie with morel, asparagus and foie gras, white wine jelly
CHF 21.00
Roasted rainbow beet salad with ginger
CHF 12.00
Steamed artichoke, « gribiche » vinaigrette
CHF 18.00

Main courses

Cheese burger with bacon, sauce "Denise’s", French fries
CHF 26.00


Cheese burger with bacon, sauce "Denise’s", French fries
CHF 19.00


Glazed pork ribs with BBQ Sauce
CHF 28.00
Hand-minced beef tartare, French fries
CHF 34.00

160 Gr.

CHF 38.00

250 Gr.

“Teriyaki” glazed roasted black cod
CHF 32.00


Candied whole onion, Chasselas onion compote and savory
CHF 7.00
Creamy spinach purée
CHF 6.00
Grilled whole corn with seasoning
CHF 10.00
Lemongrass pilaf rice
CHF 6.00
Natural braised fennel
CHF 8.00
Potato French fries
CHF 6.00
Roasted carrot with ginger
CHF 7.00
Stir-fried green beans with shallots
CHF 6.00


Caramelized apple like a Tatin tart, puff pastry and vanilla cream
CHF 14.00
New York cheesecake with raspberry
CHF 12.00
Vanilla-apricot frozen vacherin
CHF 15.00