The place

The place

Located in the Passage des Lions, an excellent address for a restaurant for "carnivores", Chez Philippe might be taken for a micro-enclave of New York in the heart of Geneva. A sort of meatpacking district on the Rhône.

An authentic grill house

with its raw materials, its soft vibe and this distinctive embracing warmth that you can't quite decide if it's made of charcoal or friendship.

Loft proportions, the space has two levels and two ambiances.

The bar

on the ground floor, ideal for a burger to go or a quick Caesar's salad in between two conference calls.


made to measure for business lunches, more private moments, cosy, select or where rough brick and wood gives way to fine table linen.

In summer

on the glass façade side, you are welcomed by a terrace, or rather a deck... just so you can feel the presence of the lake up close. Or is that the Hudson River.

At Chez Philippe, you can consult our wine list either on paper or "live". Look through the glass of our wine racks and pick out the vintage you want.